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Recycling Centers

Recycling Sign editedPrattvillians who present their current water bill listing sanitation charges may also bring their yard debris and garbage to the Recycling Facility ONLY on Saturdays when Sanitation personnel are on site to facilitate the drop off. This facility is located at 122 Ridgewood Road. NO hazardous materials, batteries, oil, or tree stumps will be accepted at this site. Requirements concerning the bagging of leaves and grass clippings must be observed. The Recycling Center is open Monday - Saturday and the signage will be adjusted soon to reflect our new schedule.

What can be recycled:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper (all types, including newspaper, office paper, flyers and magazines)
  • Aluminum
  • Steel or tin cans
  • Plastic (recycling codes 1 & 2)

Glass is no longer accepted at the Recycling Center.

Because the landfill is now operated by a private waste management company, there may be a $10 or more charge for items brought in by citizens. For additional information about recycling, contact the Sanitation Division Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at 361-3611. For additional information about the landfill, contact Allied Waste Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. at 365-4635.


Map of Recycling Center location.

Recycling center


Due to the overwhelming success of our satellite-recycling site currently located at Fire Station 3, the City of Prattville will be relocating this service to Overlook Memorial Park effective August 3rd. The high traffic and high volume of material being recycling has created a bit of a logistical issue for our Fire Department.

We placed the bins at Fire Station 3 as a test site. This new location will also be a test site. We are looking for more locations and would like public input or suggestions. We recognize that some areas of Prattville recycle more than others, but we encourage everyone to recycle and minimize their carbon footprint for the good of our environment and to keep unnecessary items out of our landfill.

Moving the recycling bins to Overlook Memorial Park will provide ease of access in virtually the same area of town. Our employees frequent the park for maintenance and will be able to effectively maintain the monitoring of the bins that our dedicated fire personnel have previously provided.

"This is a positive problem to have," stated Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "The bins are highly utilized and we call this additional location a success. As with any program, we review and make tweaks over time to be sure that we are providing good service to our citizens in the most efficient manner."

New Recycling Center Location
Overlook Memorial Park
299 Jay Street
Open Dawn until Dusk
Effective August 3, 2015

These bins will be open to the public during park hours (dusk until dawn), every day of the week. Citizens may drop off paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel or tin cans, and plastic (recycling codes 1 & 2).

OverlookParkmap recycling



Area Stores that Recycle Items

Did you know that area businesses recycle or collect items that really shouldn't be put in the landfill? Here is a list. We hope this information is beneficial to your household!

Best Buy
Nearly everything electronic, including tube tv’s and monitors up to 32”, flat panel tv’s and monitors up to 60”, dvd players, home and car audio, cell phones, MP3 player, desktop or laptop computers, small electric fans and vacuum cleaners. They also recycle batteries. (See website for restrictions)

All electronics except CRT/tube displays or TVs. They are located on Main Street in Prattville.

C. E. & E. Solutions takes a variety of items to include electronics. They are located on Washington Ferry here in Prattville.

Home Depot
Rechargeable batteries
Regular batteries
Cell phones
Compact fluorescent bulbs (only)

Rechargeable batteries
Regular batteries
Compact fluorescent bulbs (only)
Plastic bags

Office Depot
Monitors (CRT -- cathode ray tube must not be cracked)
Small televisions (cathode ray tube must not be cracked)
Desktop PC
Laptop PC
Printer/All in One Fax Machine Scanner
DVD Player/VCRs

Prattville Fire Department (City Hall Annex or any Fire Station)
Expired fire extinguishers

Plastic bags
Foam egg trays

glass bottles
plastic bottles
ink cartridges
cell phones
mp players
aluminum cans
plastic bags

Winn Dixie
Plastic bags

Plastic bags Note: Because of capacity, customers only—having small quantities

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