Adult Softball Program




2020 Fall Registration Form

WSL Rules

Roster Form 

Registration: August 31st - September 18th. 


  • Play days: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (Depending on number of teams)
  • Monday night is Co-Ed Softball 
    Tuesday night is Men’s Church and Men’s Open

Fee: $425 per team

Jerseys: All teams are required to have jerseys by October 12th.

League Runs: October 5th  - November 12th

Tournament: November 16-19   

Game Schedule: 

Men's Upper

Men's Lower



  • Games will be played at Mac Gray ONLY.
  • Make-up games may be scheduled on weekends if space is not available on the regular scheduled night.
  • Play days: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (Depending on number of teams)



Our Policy:

1. The fee is $600.00 per event (or $150 per field) to rent Mac Gray Complex and must be paid prior to the event.  A $200.00 deposit is required in order to put your name in the reservation book.  If there is a cancellation or change of the date, the fee is not refundable or transferable unless a five (5) day notice is provided.  


2. Organization must have proof of insurance that includes an umbrella for the City of Prattville up to $1 million dollars of coverage before the tournament can begin. 


3. You must by 21 years old with valid I.D. to rent any city facility. 


4. The Parks and Recreation Department will run concessions, but the organization may charge a gate fee.