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Mayor's Proposed FY2014-15 Budget http://www.prattvilleal.gov/News/mayors-proposed-fy2014-15-budget.html http://www.prattvilleal.gov/News/mayors-proposed-fy2014-15-budget.html August 20, 2014

Mayor Gillespie delivered his proposed budget for fiscal year 2014-2015 at the City Council meeting on August 19th. You may find his cover letter and all supporting documents within the City Government section of this website.

Proposed FY2014-2015 Budget

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Paving Hwy 31 http://www.prattvilleal.gov/News/paving-hwy-31-2014.html http://www.prattvilleal.gov/News/paving-hwy-31-2014.html August 20, 2014

Today, contractors will move their paving efforts on Hwy 31 (South Memorial Drive) to evening/night hours. Crews will be on site from 7pm until 6am. Please be aware and cautious during these hours. Thank you!

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Tri-governmental Meeting http://www.prattvilleal.gov/News/tri-governmental-mtg09042014.html http://www.prattvilleal.gov/News/tri-governmental-mtg09042014.html The City Council will participate in a Tri-Governmental Meeting on September 4, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce.

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