A Child's Place Gets a Facelift

March 19, 2015


We are so pleased to share that our busiest playground, located in Pratt Park, has received some much needed attention over the past few days. Many of you will remember that A Child's Place playground was a community effort, much like the splash pad. A lot of heart, soul, sweat and energy went into creating this amazing place for our children to play.

Over time, the paint has faded and the surface was coming apart. The playground, while still fun, was looking worn and a little sad. These photos show the playground before the repairs.








A few weeks back, our Urban Management crews laid new mulch in the playground and Facilities consistently addresses small issues that arise. We are thankful that Parks and Recreation Director Kellie Cook, with the support of her Council committee, was able to budget a significant repair project for the playground this year.

The most recognizable and needed improvement is the replacement of the of rubber walkway surface throughout A Child's Place. Years of wear and tear were glaringly apparent, but now we have put down a completely new surface, which looks unbelievably good. Crews worked hard to give the features a new coat of paint as well. The last time it was painted was 10 years ago, so it was absolutely needed.

These pictures show the amazing results of all the hard work done in A Child's Place over the past few days.








We all loved the wall lined with our children's hand print tiles. Several years ago, the tiles began falling off the wall. Because a good number of the tiles were broken and/or heavily damaged, we proactively took the rest down to preserve them. We have now made a decision to take the concrete wall down. We have had a new sign constructed by our resident iron works expert, Robert Browder, and should be ready to install it in the next few days. All of the undamaged hand print tiles are at the Doster Community Center and available to parents for pick up. We need everyone to call ahead (334.595.0800) to see if your tiles are in inventory.

This sign was always intended to be temporary and will soon be taken down. The new sign will look just like the new signs at the Doster and Gillespie Centers.

We appreciate the hard work of our Parks staff, Facilities Maintenance staff, volunteer help from PFD Local 4141, and J A Dawson & Co. The playground is now OPEN for fun!

We hope that you will all enjoy the enhancements and we appreciate your patience while we closed the playground for 3 days. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or praise, please feel free to send that communication to .

March 27, 2015 Update

The new playground sign was installed today!