Autauga Creek Wastewater Plant Gets a Facelift

November 7, 2012

Last week, the Autauga Creek Wastewater Treatment Faclity received a facelift. The bushes outside that building were planted in 1981 when the facility was built. Those bushes had aged and grown to the point that they required constant maintenance. With regular tours of the facility, the staff wanted to create a more aesthetically pleasing entrance to the plant.

Urban Management and Wastewater worked together. It took 1 hour on October 31st for Wastewater to tear out the old bushes. Urban Management joined them on November 1st. It took 2 hours for personnel to dig the beds, plant and mulch.

Urban Management added two beds of annual color. These will be changed out seasonally at a cost of $65. This fall planting will last until March and the spring planting will be vibrant until fall. Spring plantings will be accomplished with plant material that is grown from cutting and seed in the City greenhouse.

"The efficiency and professionalism of Urban Management shows what a great asset this team is to the City," said Autauga Creek Plant Manager Dale Gandy.

Maintenance on weeds will be minimal because Urban Management used a sod cutter, borrowed from Leisure Services, instead of doing it by hand.

This landscaping is almost maintenance free and because the plant is staffed 24/7, there was no need for irrigation, which saved $900. The total cost of the project was $600.

"This is just one more example of how well our departments are working together for the good of our community," stated Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "It is our appearance, our attitudes, and overall presentation that brings in new residents and new businesses. We always need to put our best foot forward as we continue to make Prattville better one project at a time."

On an average, Wastewater will conduct 6-10 tours annually, but that number is increasing. Leadership Autauga brings out a class of youth and a class of adults each year to see operations and learn how the process works. Wastewater educates groups of home schoolers from Autauga, Elmore, and Montgomery Counties throughout the year. Wastewater is going to be taking their camera van out to more events in an effort to provide "mobile" educational opportunities. Citizens will be able to see how the camera works, what they are looking for on the display, and what measures they take to accomplish repairs or preventive maintenance.



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