Browder Honored with Commendation

November 8, 2012

Back in June, the Vehicle Maintenance Department was honored with commendation letters due to their "no excuses, just results" attitudes and actions. Robert Browder was not available that day to be honored along with the rest of his team members. This crew came in on a weekend to repair a severely crippled trash truck fleet. Robert was right there with them, working hard to get the trucks back on the road to clear up the backlog of debris.

While Mayor Gillespie was talking to Robert about how much he appreciated his efforts and what it meant to the residents who needed their service, Robert was heard to say that he gets paid for a job and he did that job. Browder is the latest member of the "No Excuses, Just Results" Team.

Robert beamed proudly when Mayor Gillespie handed him his letter of commendation. Recognition and praise have long been a part of Robert's career. He was the City of Prattville's very first Firefighter of the Year in 1975. Robert has been with the City of Prattville for 31 years!

"Robert is a valued component of the automotive go-to team," said Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "Robert and his teammates are the ones that this very mechanized service-oriented company goes to for automotive and mechanical service and assistance, for maintenance, flat repair and everything it takes to keep us moving for you, the citizens of Prattville. I wanted to thank him, as I did his counterparts, for what he does behind the scenes, basically another one of our unsung heroes."

RobertBrowder-BGJr 11082012Robert Browder and Mayor Bill Gillespie. Mayor Gillespie holds Robert's letter of commendation while Robert tries to commandeer the old picture of City Hall.

Congratulations, Robert, on a job consistently well done!