Character Week in Prattville

On Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at the City Council meeting, Mayor Jim Byard, Jr. presented Character Coalition Director Mary Beth Pritchard with a proclamation deeming January 17-23, 2010 as Character Week.

Mayor Jim Byard, Jr. presenting the Character Week proclamation to Character Coalition Director Mary Beth Pritchard and President Frank Lamar.

The Prattville Autauga Character Coalition was formed in 2007. The purpose of the Prattville-Autauga Character Coalition is to strengthen our communities by promoting excellence in character for each citizen.

franklamarcharweekPresident Frank Lamar introduced Business Committee Chairman David Lewis. "As the mayor mentioned, by resolution that was passed by this body in 2006, the Character Coalition began. We formed in early 2007 and have been working ever since to promote good character in our community, not that good character wasn't already present in our community prior to our beginnings. It was and that gave us a great foundation. Good character is one of those things that is a utopian idea. It is something that we will always be striving and working towards in our daily lives. It is also something that if we don't focus on, it will slip by the way side if we're not careful. Our group has been very committed to these ideas and trying to make in-roads in several different segments in our community. Five committees in our Character Council: family, faith, business, government, and education. Through these five areas, we are striving to impact our community," said Lewis.

Family Committee Chairwoman Melody Colvert and committee member Beverly Byard presented Ivy Johnson with an award for her good character. Ivy Johnson is a first grade teacher at Daniel Pratt Elementary School and a busy mother of four children. Even with all she has to do, Ivy has found time to develop and publish a family organizer using her own system of organizing and managing her family and her life.

Beverly Byard presenting Ivy Johnson with her award.

"We would like to recognize Ivy Johnson for demonstrating creativity, gentleness, orderliness and initiative; for approaching a need from a new perspective and providing the means to share your idea with others; for recognizing that good character is the foundation for a stronger family regardless of the circumstances; for being a good role model who promotes excellence of character in all areas of involvement," said Beverly Byard.

Johnson was also presented with a book, available through the Character Council, entitled "Achieving True Success." It illustrates the character traits through the use of animals which is helpful for teaching children both at home and in the classroom.

President Frank Lamar said, "This Character Council was an idea of the Mayor. He promoted it and got it off the ground. The Council and the Mayor have been big supporters of ours ever since we got started. We just wanted to say a word of appreciation to each one of you so we are presenting you with a plaque for demonstrating responsibility and endurance; recognizing that character is the foundation of a strong government and a strong community; and for continuing to promote the Character Trait of the Month at all City Council meetings."

The Character Council recognized Police Chief Alfred Wadsworth for demonstrating justice and humility and for recognizing that good character is the foundation of a strong government and a strong community.

David Lewis presenting Chief Alfred Wadsworth with his award.

For more information about the Prattville-Autauga Character Coalition and how to get involved, please visit their website.

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