Crews Change Landscape with Drainage Projects

May 11, 2015

The Engineering Department and its Street Division have worked hard to make enhancements along several roads in Prattville over the past few months.

In the area from the railroad tracks to Jeanette Street on Main Street, crews replaced a deteriorated flume ditch, levelized the shoulder and created a pedestrian area. Prior to this work, there was very little shoulder and pedestrians had to walk close to the road.

EMain Jeanette 07142014 6

 EMain JeanetteAfter
East Main Street after the completion of the piping project.

On Northington Street, crews replaced an open ditch with storm pipe and covered it, thereby creating a shoulder where there had previously been none. This was the only section in this block of Northington Street that still had an open ditch so it also made the look of the street consistent all the way down. This project also positively impacts traffic congestion during school drop off and pick up times, as well as making Northington Street a safer route during City parades.

Northington St Pipe Installation 03 31 15 1
Northington Street, before.

Northington St Pipe Installation 03 31 15 2
Northington Street during the project.

northington after piping project
Northington Street after the piping project.

On Martin Luther King Drive, crews piped the open ditches and added a shoulder to the road in this heavily traveled area.

MLK 737 01262015
Martin Luther King Drive before...

MLKafter 1
Martin Luther King Drive after the piping project.

This work not only created an aesthetically more pleasing streetscape, but also provided shoulders and level ground. This allows the Urban Management Division of Public Works to put down the weed eaters and use mowers to maintain the space. This further mechanizes the division and makes them more efficient, which is one of our Mayor's priorities.

UM Fairview1
This is the weed eater crew on Fairview Avenue. This manual weed eating is not necessary at the successful conclusion of a piping project. It allows the mowers to get in there and mechanize this once manual process. It is safer and saves the City time and money.

"Crews chuckle when I say 'weed eater no good', but truthfully, they are not an efficient way to maintain the landscape of our City," said Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "Undertakings of this nature consistently make Prattville better one project at a time. We work every day to come up with a better way, a better plan, cost savings, and efficiencies. I appreciate the hard work of City Engineer Robby Anderson and his staff in planning these projects and implementing the changes professionally and effectively."

This is another fine example of "Teamwork. No Excuses, Just Results." We thank all involved for their hard work and great results!