Mara Court Drainage Repair Project

November 18, 2016

Over time, water can do a lot of damage. After the extraordinary rain event we experienced last Christmas (2015), extreme erosion took place along the stormway, or drainage ditch, on Mara Court and Beth Manor Drive.

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Thankfully, there were Emergency Watershed Protection funds that we could use in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service-USDA. The project was competitively bid and McDonald Construction was the winning bidder at $320,000. The repairs were required to be made within 60 calendar days of construction time. Project access was granted by Joe Crawford.

In fixing this drainage way, 625 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe was installed, 8 reinforced concrete manholes with depths up to 30 feet were installed. 15,000 cubic yards of earthwork were moved. We removed 175 old tires from the site and those were disposed of properly. Additional protection was added to the plantation pipeline, which traversed the project site. This is part of the same line that was breached in Shelby County.

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Jack Wadsworth (NRCS), Brandon McCray (NRCS), Daniel Spann (McDonald Construction), City Engineer Robby Anderson, and Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. looking at the repaired drainage/stormway.

Beth Manor resident Jim Prince had the following to say about this project, "I commend the city administration on planning and implementing the project. The quality of the work and end result of this project far exceeds all my expectations. It not only repaired the erosion damage to my property, but I feel sure it actually increased my property value."

We sincerely appreciate all of our partners who played a part in these repairs. It took everyone involved to achieve a successful conclusion to this project.