Mayor & New Councilors Attended Orientation Conference

November 1, 2012

On October 31st, Mayor Bill Gillespie and Councilors Albert Striplin, Denise Brown, Jerry Starnes, Clyde Chambliss, and Lora Lee Boone attended a "crash course" in Montgomery on the complexities of administering municipal government.

The Orientation Conference for Elected Offciais and Municipal Personnel is presented every four years in various locations throughout the state by the Alabama League of Municipalities. Approximately 30% of the mayors and councilors who will begin four-year terms on November 5th have never held public office; therefore, the quadrennial orientation conferences are extremely important.

Speakers at the one-day session represented the top legal and administrative authorities on municipal government in Alabama and covered topics such as: the statutory and administrative requirements during the municipal year ahead; the legal status and powers of municipalities; the office of the mayor; council meeting procedure; the organizational duties of the council; conflicts of interest and ethics; appropriation powers of municipalities; borrowing powers; and budgeting, auditing and fiscal reporting. The role of the Alabama League of Municipalities in local government and League special programs were also discussed.

Mayors and councilors were encouraged to enroll in the League's Certified Municipal Official (CMO) Program, which consists of a series of continuing education programs designed for elected municipal officials who voluntarily wish to receive formal training in municipal government. Officials who complete 40 credit hours of training are awarded the professional designation of Certified Municipal Official. With an additional 40 credit hours, participants earn the Advanced CMO designation. Training opportunities are available throughout the year, and the basic certification can be completed in as few as two calendar years.

Mayor Gillespie was awarded his CMO in August and is now working towards his Advanced CMO designation. Councilor Willie Wood has earned his Advanced CMO designation.


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