Obstruction in Drainage Way Causes Flooding

February 13, 2017

During the last rain two events, City crews noticed a problem with water draining at the intersection of Kay and Doris Streets. Once the water receded, crews inspected the inlet. There was an inflated beach ball blocking the drainage pipe.

beachball incident2017

It is felt that someone placed this into the pipe. While no property damage was incurred, it took our crew half a day to remove it.This equates to roughly $2,500 in personnel costs.

Routinely, during these periods of intense rain, crews have to move garbage bags and other debris from around inlets. In compliance with City ordinance, no one should be placing garbage at the street before the day of collection. We are respectfully asking that residents keep inlets and drainage ways as clean from debris as possible. If the water can flow properly, it prevents flooding that could harm your property.