Paving Project Has Begun

January 12, 2016 @10:25am

The paving company should be finished on Hughes (by PJHS) around noon. They will then move to Camellia Estates to pave those streets this afternoon and tomorrow. They will pave downtown Main Street on Thursday. All of this scheduling should be noted as “weather permitting”.

January 11, 2016 @5pm

The paving company will return in the morning. They should be on Hughes (by PJHS) around 9am to pave. They will move from there to either downtown or Camellia Estates to pave those streets already milled per Engineering.

January 8, 2016

Asphalt Contractors is paving Tichnor Avenue this morning and then will move onto Court Street. As long as the weather holds, they will finished Court Street from Tichnor north today. The remaining feet of Court Street will be done on Sunday along with Main Street downtown.

Paving Court Street.

January 7, 2016

The paving contractor has finished milling in Camellia Estates. They have begun milling Tichnor downtown and will then move onto Court Street, which they expect to finish today.

They could possibly pave Hughes (PJHS area) and the streets within Camellia tomorrow.

They will mill Main Street downtown and the portion of Court Street from Main to Tichnor on Sunday, as previously noted. Paving should be done on these streets on Monday/Tuesday.

January 5, 2016

We are not starting with downtown as previously noted. Because of the contractor delay, they are knocking out the areas that impact schools while school is still out for the holidays (such as Hughes Street by PJHS).

Milling and paving has commenced and they will move into Camellia Estates this afternoon. We will continue to keep you posted.

October 7, 2015

During last night's meeting, the Prattville City Council passed a resolution to award Bid 15-007 to Asphalt Contractors, Inc. for street improvements at a cost not to exceed $796,850.

It has taken us several months to get through this bid process given the amount of fuel tax dollars we have to spend at present. With passage of this resolution, the work can now commence. Asphalt Contractors, Inc. intends to begin work around December 1st. If our weather stays nice, they may be able to start work as early as Thanksgiving. It will take the contractor approximately 3 weeks to finish all this paving and all work should be completed before Christmas.

Court Street, Main Street West, and Moncrief Street will be paved first. Alphabetically, the list of streets to be paved are as follows:

  • Abington Street
  • Briarwood Street
  • Bridge Street
  • Cambridge Street
  • Camellia Drive
  • Cherry Drive
  • City Shop
  • Cobbs Ford Place
  • Court Street
  • Coventry Court
  • Daniel Drive
  • Doe Drive
  • Doster Road
  • Doster Well
  • East Main Street Shoulder
  • Ellen Court
  • Esther Court
  • Fawn Lane
  • Glynwood Drive
  • Hampstead Court
  • Hampstead Street
  • Hughes Street
  • Intersection of Martin Luther King/Gardner
  • Intersection of Martin Luther King/Greencrest
  • Intersection of Gin Shop/4th Street
  • Kornegay Drive
  • Main Street West
  • Mimosa Road
  • Moncrief Street
  • Northington Street Shoulder
  • Pebble Creek Court
  • Pebble Creek Drive
  • PJHS turn lanes
  • Stanley-Jensen Drive
  • Third Street
  • Tichnor Avenue
  • Twelve Oaks Court
  • Twelve Oaks Lane
  • Walnut Street
  • Warren Circle
  • Woodvale Drive
  • Wynford Street

We appreciate the hard work of City Engineer Robby Anderson, the Engineering Department, and the City Council Street Committee. We thank the City Council for funding this project.