PFD Conducted Swift Water Training on Autauga Creek

May 28, 2012

Last week, Prattville Fire Department (PFD) focused training on water rescue on Autauga Creek behind City Hall. With area schools preparing for Summer break and local citizens taking advantage of current creek improvements, the possibility of water rescue emergencies exist inside the city limits.

PFD currently operates one of six statewide swift water rescue teams. The team consist of 24 members who have received advanced water rescue training. Prattville Fire Department also teaches the surface/swift water class to students statewide for the Alabama Fire College as part of the regional training agreement. The purpose of the current training was to train all fire personnel to the awareness/operations level for quick responses inside the City of Prattville. Training also included preplanning target areas inside the city that pose danger to citizens, as well as rescue personnel, during flashflood conditions.



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