PPD Motor Officers Get New Helmets

February 22, 2013

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends that helmets be replaced every 2-4 years. If it was involved in a crash, it probably absorbed some impact shock and should be replaced. Over time and with wear, a helmet's protective qualities may deteriorate. It's also important to note that helmets keep improving so that helmet bought a couple years from now will be better (i.e., stronger, lighter, and more comfortable).

Prattville Police Department has 8 motorcycle officers. The warranties were set to expire on the helmets our officers had in their possession, and therefore, each officer has now received a new helmet.

PPDhelmets02152013-3  PPDhelmets02152013-4
This helmet has a pop down shield. Our officers have not had this feature previously and are excited about it.

"Safety comes first," stated Chief Mark Thompson. "It is vitally important that our officers have proper equipment while they are out serving and protecting our citizens."

These helmets were included in this year's budget process and cost the City of Prattville $82.40 each.