Rails to Pavement - Progress & Preservation

October 19, 2015

On October 12th, Engineering took full advantage of the federal, state and county holiday to accomplish a project they had long been waiting to tackle.

"As the City no longer observes Columbus Day, we felt it was the perfect time to pull up the rails on Court Street," stated City Engineer Robby Anderson. "There was a significant decrease in traffic, no overtime costs incurred, and we had intended to accomplish this prior to grinding Court Street for new pavement."

This rail line has long been abandoned and there are no future plans for rails in the area of 4th and Court Streets. There is no amount of asphalt that prevents the rails from reappearing. Removing them is preventive, as well as an impending improvement. When asked, Anderson shared that this is our first paving project for Court Street, previously known as Factory Street, since we took possession of it from the State of Alabama approximately 2 years ago.

The rails are being saved so that we can use them in a future project.

"Prattvillians love their history," said Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "We are going to find a project in which to use these that further highlights the history of our great city much like we did with the millstone that now resides in a place of honor outside the Prattaugan Museum."

Paving will begin around the first week of December. For more information on the paving project, please read our recent article that contains a full list of streets to be paved.

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