Recent Engineering Repair & Maintenance Projects

April 23, 2012

In response to recent spring rains, the Street division of the Engineering Department has recently performed two drainage repair and maintenance projects.

The First occurred on New Moon Drive where an entire street crossing needed to be excavated. The concrete storm pipe at this location is approximately 40 years old and over the course of time, the original construction joints had become separated. This separation allowed roadbed material to be eroded by rain events. This project exposed each of the joints and allowed repairs to be made prior to new roadbed material being placed. This project is complete except for final paving.





A second area which required excavation occurred on Waverly Drive in the Melmar subdivision. At this location, an underground junction had become clogged with storm debris which had lodged itself across the opening of the street crossing. This underground box was opened by street department crews and the debris was removed. Minor repairs were made to the structure and a new top which will allow maintenance access is being fabricated for installation. In both cases the storm pipes are now open and functioning.