Sinkhole on Wisteria Fixed In-House

May 14, 2012

On the evening of May 3rd, a Prattville Police Officer noticed a hole in the road on Wisteria Drive. Wastewater went out and blocked it off so that no one would get hurt that evening.


The hole was 6' x 2' x 10' deep. A lateral line coming from a house broke off the main sewer line and the dirt had fallen into that main line creating the hole.


Using the HydroJet to vacuum out the hole.

Another angle showing the vacuuming process.

Wastewater Interim Director Rick Teague taking a shovel down into the hole.

Making sure the excess dirt was removed so the line could be repaired.

WWsinkholeWisteria05042012-3    WWsinkholeWisteria05042012-7
Street Department employee David Gardner ran the backhoe. His contribution was necessary and much appreciated.

Normally, this kind of project that is hired out, but due to its emergent nature, Wastewater corrected the issue themselves. This work cost $1,000 in materials. If hired out, it would have cost approximately $18,000. We're very proud to brag on this cost savings and to brag about the talents of our employees.