Stadium Parking Changed to Reflect Growing Needs

May 28, 2015

Our City Engineering Department took on the project of reorganizing the parking on the Pratt Park side of Stanley-Jensen Stadium. The following four photos show the parking area prior to any work done on this project.

Stadium Parking 04 22 15 1

Stadium Parking 04 22 15 2

Stadium Parking 04 22 15 3

Stadium Parking 04 22 15 4

Given our need to protect the green space and enhance open recreation space in the park, as well as improve the functionality of the front gate of the stadium, buffers and barriers were created.

"We have a lot of events and activities at the amphitheatre, the pond and in that open area each year," stated Mayor Bill Gillespie. "It is important that we preserve that green space and make the area even more safe for pedestrians."

Engineering extended the walking paths down Doster Road to the old front gate. This, too, creates a safer pedestrian experience.

Stadium Parking 05 06 15 2
Creating walking paths.
UM stadium05072015 1

UM stadium05152015 1

Trees and other vegetation were brought in by Urban Management to help create those buffers and barriers, while further defining parking areas.

UM stadium05112015 2

UM stadium05152015 2

"Citizens attending events and/or using the park and pond have done a great job adapting to the changes," said City Engineer Robby Anderson.

UM stadium05152015 4

UM stadium05152015 5

Permanent fencing is currently being fabricated by Vehicle Maintenance and Engineering personnel and will be installed very soon.

Stadium Parking 05202015 4

Congratulations to our Engineering Department and the Urban Management Division of Public Works on a job well done.