Upcoming MCE ( Mass Casualty Event) Drill

July 30, 2019




On Friday, August 2nd, Prattville Junior High School will host a Mass Casualty Event Drill from 8:30 a.m.-12:00 noon. This event will be held in conjunction with First Responders including the Prattville Police Department, Prattville Fire Department, Autauga County EMA, and the City of Prattville Mayor's Office. Our aim is to be prepared in the event of a devastating incident in our area and keep our students safe at all times. The Safety Coordinator from each school in Autauga County will also participate in the drill to serve as safety training for all ACBOE students.  PJHS Faculty and Staff will be the primary actors in this event; however, students and parents will also participate in the drill portraying various roles. Actors may have on make-up that appears to be real injuries. Please be aware this is a DRILL and not an actual emergency!  During approximately 8:30-11:30 a.m., portions of Martin Luther King Drive will likely be closed and citizens will need to take an alternate route. Emergency vehicles will be active in the area.  We will treat this drill as an actual event so that we can learn and implement any changes to our Safety Plans. The MCE (Mass Casualty Event) Drill will conclude no later than noon August 2nd. We ask that you not be alarmed by this process, and please express your gratitude to all entities involved to ensure our community is well prepared.