Vehicle Maintenance Rises to Challenge

June 27, 2012

A few weeks ago, Sanitation had multiple vehicle breakdowns. Most of these occurred with the boom trucks that are used to pick up limbs, yard debris and other residential trash (not garbage). Sanitation was significantly behind schedule because of this. The Vehicle Maintenance crew worked all weekend to repair this fleet of vehicles so services could resume and get back on track the beginning of the week.

"Here is the automotive go-to team. They save this community thousands of dollars through the vast number of years of collective experience they possess," said Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "They are the ones that this very mechanized service-oriented company goes to for automotive and mechanical service and assistance, for maintenance, flat repair and everything it takes to keep us moving for you, the citizens of Prattville. I wanted to thank them for what they do behind the scenes, basically our unsung heroes. They are one of the "no excuses, just results" team here in the City."

vehmaintcommend06262012-5Edgar Durden, Kenny Price, Charlie Lucas, Jr., Kenny Rawlinson, Mayor Bill Gillespie, Bill Perry, and Tommie Monfee

Mayor Gillespie presented them with Commendation letters for going above and beyond for our residents. Good job, guys!