Voters Nationwide

July 16, 2012
We received this email from a couple in Iowa over the weekend...

Dear Teresa,
What an awesome job Prattville is doing toward the prize. Two years ago we had never heard of Prattville. Our daughter's family moved there with the Air Force. They have loved their time in Prattville. Our grandson attended PKS (as he calls it) this year for kindergarten. We've gone to the park after school every time we visit from Iowa. Both our grandchildren have had their birthday celebrations in the pavilion at the park.
When our daughter sent us the link to vote, we got the great grandparent involved, and we have voted every day (many times) as this exciting endeavor has progressed. We read about the city activities, which have added excitement and participation.
It's 1 day til it's over. Prattville will gain so much with this prize. The community unity is a great attribute that all should be proud of.
We are coming to Prattville from Ames, Iowa, in August, for a visit. We look forward to being in your wonderful city again.
Congratulations! Your YouTube was delightful.
Paula and Paul Anderson
Ames, Iowa

And this one came right afterward from another voter outside of Prattville...

We have been voting at least one hour each day in hopes that Prattville will win the Favorite Park designation and grant.  Although we don't live in Prattville, we are cheering you on.  
Also, congratulations on knocking down your debt.  Big job but you are getting there.  Proud for you.
God bless, 
Cheryl Grinstead