Wastewater...Masters of Many Trades

May 14, 2012

What do you do when the wiring on a motor burns up? Add to that a sidewalk that has cracked and fallen into disrepair. How many of us would recognize that as an opportunity? That's exactly how our City Wastewater crew approached this issue.

The wiring on the aeration motor on Basin 1 at the Autauga Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility had to be replaced. This entailed digging a trench across the path of the sidewalk that runs in front of Basin 1. As previously stated, that sidewalk had cracked and become a bit of an issue at the plant. Autauga Creek operator Randy McDaniel has talents outside his day job; he can lay concrete.


If you look closely, you can see where the trench was dug, wiring laid and then covered up.

After digging up the damaged concrete sections, crews dug a trench across to Basin 1. Once First Electric ran the electrical wiring, our Wastewater staff laid the concrete sidewalk.




The wiring cost $2,900. The ready mix cement cost Wastewater $225. This is just another example of how much our crews do at Wastewater besides just operating the plants. It also showcases the talents they put to use instead of contracting these small jobs out.