Highway 31/Wright Street Stormwater Project

March 28, 2017

The purpose of the Wright Street Drainage project was to add capacity to eliminate drainage issues encountered along that stormway.

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The point of constriction was at the culvert crossing under Wright Street. Engineering added pipe to accommodate all flow going eastbound on Wright Street. They also did rehabilitation on the existing crossing to extend its lifespan. With the previous plan, the storm waters created a churning, or vortex, effect, which disrupted the flow of water and reduced efficiency and effectiveness of the system.

Paving is being done to the area by week's end in order to complete the project.

"The neighbors on Wright Street were very cooperative and the Engineering team appreciates that very much," stated City Engineer Robby Anderson.

This project was budgeted for this fiscal year as a capital project and cost us $37,800.

"We thank our Street Division crew (Engineering) for making this project happen," stated Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr.. "It's been estimated that they saved the City approximately $200,000 by doing this work in-house, with very little disruption to citizens."

Future Plans:
This was Phase I of the Wright Street project. Phase II and III will address pipe sizing and one additional inlet off of Poplar Street. The City will need to acquire easements (access to do work) in order to accomplish these additional phases.

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Mayor Gillespie at the project site. He visited regularly to see the work being done and talked to residents before, during and afterward.

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City Engineer Robby Anderson and Mayor Bill Gillespie discussing the work.

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(Left to right) Former City Councilor Ray Boles, who sat on the Council body that approved the funding for this project, Mayor Bill Gillespie and current District 6 Councilor Robert Strichik, who fully supported the project.

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