John Slaton House

c. 1840
119 First Street

In 2001, Frank Lamar, Jr. gave the old Slaton House to the ACHA with the understanding that ACHA would move the house to Old Prattvillage and restore it.

John Slaton and his wife, Nancy Harris, owned and ran a large plantation not far from the Alabama River, where Slaton cotton was loaded onto boats and shipped to Mobile. The early house was vastly different from the one that was moved to Prattville. The story goes that when Nancy died in 1882 (John had died in 1847), her children removed the upper level, declaring they heard their mother's asthmatic breathing there. Joel Chandler Harris, author of the Uncle Remus tales, was a cousin of Nancy's and is said to have visited the house.

Over the years, the Slaton house was abandoned, and the property returned to woodland. In 1955, brothers Frank and Ferris Lamar purchased the property.