Mims Hotel

c. 1840
121 First Street

Formerly the nucleus of the Mims Hotel complex on Third Street, it was moved to the present site in 1982 and restored as part of Prattvillage commercial complex. Originally built reportedly as a boarding house and hotel by Daniel Pratt. Clientele included citizens from the county coming "to town" for business and having to stay overnight, for area bachelors and for businessmen interested in Pratt's gin factory and cotton industry. It was the home of Southern poet Sidney Lanier when he was headmaster of Prattville Male and Female Academy. Shadrack Mims, Autauga's most noted historian, was Daniel Pratt's finance agent and bookkeeper. His son, Wilber Mims, and his descendents operated the hotel until 1944. It became a part of Prattville's first apartment complex. On the day it was moved, lemonade made with artesian well water was served. The water fountain in the First Baptist parking lot is the artesian well that once served the hotel.