Mission Statement

The City of Prattville is dedicated to providing cost-effective and efficient delivery of quality services to its citizens while remaining consistent with our history, culture and unique character. We will achieve this by:

  • Encouraging planned and managed growth as a means of developing an attractive built-environment and protecting and conserving our natural resources;

  • Creating an environment for private enterprise to flourish, which, in turn, will create diverse employment opportunities and an increased tax base;

  • Providing and maintaining reliable infrastructure;

  • Providing and promoting sustainable and reachable goals through all of our various departments;

  • Providing quality public safety, public works, general government services and quality of life programs;

  • Operating an adequately funded city government in a financially responsible and fiscally sound manner;

  • Proactively keeping our mechanized/technical work force equipped and competitively compensated;

  • Creating opportunities for our citizenry to become engaged Partners of Prattville through projects and committees.