Pratt Gin Industries

Looking across the creek, you can see the original pilings that crossed here. The railroad came through around the turn of the century.

The brick building across the creek are the c. 1850 building of Pratt Industries and are still in use for producing cotton gins. They are some of the earliest brick industrial structures in Alabama and are a part of the oldest continuously operated industrial complex in the state.

The angular building was constructed in 1852 and housed the Sash and Blind Factory. Some of the doors and moldings in the state capitol in Montgomery are thought to have been made here. in 1857, this structure housed, in addition to the Sash and Blind Factory, a grist mill, a machine shop, and a carriage and wagon factory. A pair of arched openings, at the basement level, are still visible from Heritage Park. A 60-horsepower water wheel, which originally drove the machinery in this and the adjoining building, was located inside this area. By 1860, the Daniel Pratt Gin Company was the leading manufacturer of cotton gins below the Mason-Dixon line. Continental Eagle Corporation, today's owner of this business, still produces quality cotton gins, which are shipped all over the world.