St. Mark's Episcopal Church

c. 1909
Corner of Washington & Fourth Streets

Gothic revival. Built in 1909, this building replaced the wooden one previously used. (That one was moved to the immediate west of the current one and was last used as a school room for the local high school's senior class in 1910. It was a white frame structure which was originally located on the south side of Autauga Creek near the Pratt Gin Factory and was moved to this located when the Episcopalians bought it from the Methodists.) Miss Erin Chapman, fourth grade teacher at Prattville Primary School for many years, partially designed the structure when she was 16 years old and serving as church organist. The building cost $5,400 to build. Original windows had pointed wooden sashing with art glass, replaced in the 1970s with the stained glass windows. (The church is open for the guided walking tours in June, each year, and there is a church member in the sanctuary to give a brief history.)