Mission statement:

The City of Prattville Building Department strives to achieve excellence in all facets of new construction and renovation by providing timely, efficient and thorough permitting, plans review and building inspections. We are committed to providing quality services to all citizens through innovation, continuous improvement, determination and excellence in customer service. We believe that through education and cooperation, we can and will build positive working relationships within the building community, consumers and citizens alike.

Our primary mission is to safeguard the public, promote the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Prattville through enforcement of the city adopted Building Code. We believe in equitable treatment for all individuals regardless of circumstances and strive to enforce all building codes in a fair and considerate manner.

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The City of Prattville Building Department consists of six members who are eager to assist you with any questions that arise regarding construction, permitting and inspections. The members are:

  • Steve May, Building Official
  • Gene McDaniel, Chief Building Inspector
  • James Broadway, Building Inspector
  • Marc Wilson, Building Inspector

You can contact any of these personnel at 334-595-0400.