Floodplain Management

NOTICE: New Floodplain maps are being issued for Autauga and Elmore Counties, including the Prattville city limits. Additional information concerning these changes, effective dates, and an appeals period can be found here.

Since 1981, the City of Prattville has participated in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Flooding hazards exists in areas adjacent to Prattville’s major watercourses such as the Alabama River, Autauga Creek, Fay Branch, Noland Creek, and Pine Creek, as well as their smaller tributaries. This page provides information concerning the flood hazards associated with Prattville’s drainage ways, the city’s floodplain management program and actions you can take to protect your life and property.


Flood Hazard Areas

The 100-year floodplain or Special Flood Hazard Area is an area defined by FEMA that has a 1% chance in any given year of being flooded. Smaller floods have a greater chance of occurring in any year and present a significant flood hazard to property near the stream's channel. Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) defining the floodplain are available for inspection in the Prattville Planning Department. Information available may also include depth of flooding above a building’s first floor, past flood events in the area and copies of elevation certificates on buildings in the floodplain built since 1987.

Development in Floodplain

Most development in the Special Flood Hazard Area requires a Floodplain Development Permit from the City of Prattville. Types of development requiring a permit include:

  • New residential construction or manufactured home installation.
  • New commercial or industrial construction.
  • Installation or replacement of electrical, gas, and heating and air appliances.
  • Substantial improvement of an existing structure. Substantially improved residential structures must be elevated to at least one foot above the base flood elevation. Commercial property may be flood-proofed or elevated to the one foot above base flood elevation.
  • Alterations to the natural terrain including filling or excavating and any modifications to drainage way or stream.

Please consult the Planning Department or the city’s Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance for complete information regarding development in the Special Flood Hazard Area. Applications for a Floodplain Development Permit are located on the Forms page.

Improper or unpermitted development in the floodplain should be reported to Planning Department immediately. Improper modifications or development in the floodplain may result in additional flooding hazards and property damage.

Additional Resources

Annual Floodplain Mailer – City of Prattville pdf

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