Household Garbage Collection

Collection Schedule





NEW LIST COMING SOON! Schedule List by Street (alphabetical order)

Garbage is defined as household foodstuff, paper, etc. Have garbage out by 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled days. Do not put garbage out before the scheduled day of pickup.

Garbage Can Service

The City of Prattville has a dual service program. Those annexed in a few years ago had can service and the City of Prattville allowed them to continue to have garbage cans. This year (2016), we have started to expand our dual service into high traffic areas for the safety of our crews. Historically, Sanitation has had the highest number of injuries and consequently, the highest number of workman's compensation claims. We're proud to say that instituting these changes has all but eliminated those occurrences in recent months.

If you would like a garbage can, you may email with your name, address and phone number so that we may place you on our waiting list. If you do not want to wait, you may purchase a pink Joy to Life garbage can and we will deliver the can (usually within a week or two) and place you on the route to be collected once per week. You may order that can by clicking here.

This map shows the schedule for each "zone" so that you can determine which day is your garbage can collection day.

Some of our hardest-working municipal employees are making good use of newly-acquired equipment. They do a great job!

This shows our new side arm truck emptying garbage cans on one of our high traffic streets, Fairview Avenue.

The beauty of this expansion of our dual system is that our crews are safer and the collection service is faster. You'll note a crew member gets out of the truck to adjust placement of the garbage cans after they have been dumped. There is a deep ditch on Fairview Avenue and we absolutely want to leave the cans where they need to be placed for collection.

In the future, you'll hear more about our Medallion Project as we continue to make Sanitation Department more efficient and effective while instituting cost-saving practices for the taxpayers, or Partners, of Prattville!

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sanitation at (334) 850.2512.