Information Technology

Mission Statement
Our mission is to facilitate reliable and timely access to information for the employees of the City of Prattville. Through our commitment to provide quality service and support, we will aide departments in becoming more efficient with their time and more efficient with the City assets entrusted to them.


We will do this by:


  • Providing technical assistance and advice to the Mayor and Department Heads on all Information Technology concerns
  • Operating and maintaining a fiscally sound and reliable communications infrastructure while providing quality service and support
  • Facilitating interdepartmental and community involvement in Information Technology decisions.
  • Providing City staff with convenient access to needed information and services
  • Developing and maintaining a technically skilled staff who are competent in current and emerging technologies
  • Ensuring effective administration and fiscal management of the City's technology resources.


The Information Technology Department was created in 2001. The administration at that time recognized that the City was lacking the efficiency, focus, expertise, and organization that a formal IT Department would add to the City as a whole. The department was originally staffed by technical personnel from the police department followed by the hiring of a director to manage this skilled staff.


The department has consolidated and eliminated duplicate spending on technological products and services. There are currently three positions within the department: a director, and two specialist II positions.


The IT department handles everything from copiers to cellphones to computers and servers. They work with Autauga County EMA, the Autauga County's Sheriff's Office, and Autauga 911. IT maintains the Autauga E-911 dispatch system as well as the police records system. This department manages all the connectivity between all of these various agencies.

Contact Info:
201 Gin Shop Hill Road
Prattville, Alabama 36067


8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday


IT Director:
Jose Figueroa