Optional Online Sales Tax Payment


Beginning October 1, 2013, all Alabama retailers will be able to file and pay ALL city sales, use and rental taxes in MAT (My Alabama Taxes). This service will be offered through ONE SPOT, the (Optional Network Election for Single Point Online Transactions). The ONE SPOT system allows for city and county taxes to be filed, along with state taxes, through one website, www.myalabamataxes.alabama.gov. This single point filing will hopefully ease the burden of monthly tax filing.

ONE SPOT is available at no charge to taxpayers and local jurisdictions and is completely optional. When you file a non-state administered city/county tax in the MAT system on your "Local Tax" account, you will then be required to make electronic payment. The return and payment will then be sent to the local government or their tax administrator, thus eliminating the need to login to multiple sites.

In a mailing sent to business owners, we included a master tax form that references your account number, which is your "jurisdiction number" on the ONE SPOT system, for the City of Prattville. We have also included step by step instructions on how to login to the ONE SPOT system. When paying your City of Prattville portion of tax, please set this part of your account up by using your City of Prattville account number. This number is located on the top left hand side of your tax return and is 8 "eight" digits long. If you have more than one account with the City of Prattville, please make sure each account number is set up separately. If you receive 2 "two" tax returns with different account numbers, yet only have one account, please call us to find out which account to use.

For instructions on how to add your local account, visit https://myalabamataxes.alabama.gov/webfiles/help/index.html#registration+signup

Should you have any questions we are happy to assist you and can be reached at the number below or if you simply need more information concerning ONE SPOT, contact or the Alabama Department of Revenue at 334-242-1490 or 1-866-576-6531.


The City of Prattville Finance Department

101 West Main Street | Prattville, AL 36067