Effective October 5, 2018

In accordance with the City of Prattville’s current NPDES Permit, the City has developed a Post Construction Stormwater Program to address stormwater runoff from qualifying new development and re-development projects. These requirements will become effective on October 5, 2018.

Under these requirements it will be necessary for any site which use structural BMP’s to control stormwater runoff to obtain a Post-construction Stormwater Permit. Complete details of what is required can be found in the Post Construction Stormwater Permit Package links shown below.

The Technical Memorandum link shown below provides technical guidance regarding these updated post construction stormwater management requirements in accordance with the City’s NPDES Permit. The Post Construction Permit Packet Instructions contains step by step details concerning the City’s entire Post Construction process. Please use the links below to download copies, forms, and details to be used in this program.

Complete Post Construction Stormwater Permit Package

Post Construction Stormwater Permit

Post Construction Stormwater Management Technical Memorandum

List of Forms:

Waiver Request Forms

Design Forms

As-Built Certification Forms

Annual Inspection Forms

Maintenance Request Form


Post Construction Stormwater Operation and Maintenance Agreement

Regional Detention use Stormwater Operation and Maintenance Agreement

Post Construction Maintenance Escrow Agreement

Post Construction Stormwater Management Ordinance