Storm Water Management Program

Federal MS4 Regulations - Since 1990, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency has phased in regulations under the Clean Water Act addressing non-point source pollution. These regulations require the operators of municipal separate storm sewer systems, or MS4’s, to obtain National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) permits. Initiated in 1990, Phase I one of the program addressed large and medium size cities. In 2003, Phase II extended the permit requirement to all MS4 operators within urbanized areas as defined by the U. S. Census Bureau. Permitted operators of MS4s are required to implement a storm water management program as a means of controlling, to the maximum extent practicable, polluted discharges from certain municipal, industrial and construction activities.


Prattville Phase II Storm Water Permit - Following the 2010 Census, portions of the City of Prattville were included in the Montgomery Urbanized Area boundary. This urban designation required the City of Prattville to apply for a NPDES permit covering the operations of its storm drainage system. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) presently has jurisdiction over permitting and enforcement of the MS4 Program within the State of Alabama. On July 1, 2016, ADEM issued NPDES permit number ALS000010 to the City of Prattville. The permit requires the city develop and implement a storm water management program comprised of five elements that, when implemented in concert, are expected to significantly reduce of the level of non-point source pollutants discharged to nearby streams and rivers. The five elements, or minimum control measures, are:

  1. Public education/public involvement,
  2. Illicit discharge detection and elimination,
  3. Construction site storm water runoff control,
  4. Post-construction storm water management, and
  5. Pollution prevention/good housekeeping for municipal operations.


Storm Water Management Program Plan - As required by its July 1, 2016 NPDES permit, the city developed and implement a Storm Water Management Program Plan (SWMPP). The plan defines the city’s management program and establishes goals for implementation of the five minimum control measures. The plan may be downloaded below.





ALS000010 – City of Prattville

July 1, 2016




Program Annual Report to ADEM

Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report
Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report

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March 15, 2019 – Storm Water Management Program Plan


September 2020 SWMP Plan



Prattville MS4 Ordinance Seminar