The Street Division has the responsibility of maintaining public streets, roads, rights of way, and drainage ways within the Engineering Department in the city.


In order to keep flooding and the ponding of water at a minimum, it is unlawful for anyone to throw, sweep, or otherwise deposit garbage, trash, grass clippings, limbs or any other debris in any sewer, gutter or drainage way, or upon any curb, street, sidewalk or vacant lot. Violators are subject to arrest.


Crews under the supervision of the Street Division maintain more than 200 miles of paved streets and around 4 miles of dirt roads lying in the approximate 30 square miles that comprise the city limits.


Main shoulder


The Street Division repairs pot holes, city utility cuts and other street cuts. It provides right of way mowing and maintenance of drainage ditches. Paving and striping of streets, along with signage, are under the direction of the Engineering Department.



Contact Info:


Mailing Address:
101 West Main Street
Prattville, AL 36067


Division Director:
Mike Taylor