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AUDITIONS (tentative)

Prattville’s Way Off Broadway Theatre is pleased to announce its production of Anatomy of Gray by Jim Leonard, Jr., with special permission through Concord Theatricals. The play will be directed by Joey B. Fine and Brady Walker will serve as Assistant/Technical Director. Both Fine and Walker have worked on numerous productions with WOBT. The play will be presented March 3 through 21, 2021.


Auditions for Anatomy of Gray will be held Sunday, November 29, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. and Monday, November 30, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Way Off Broadway Theatre. Callbacks will take place on Tuesday, December 1, if needed. The theatre is located at 203 West 4 th Street in Prattville in the Cultural Arts Building.


There will be nine roles needed for this production: 4 adult males, 3 adult females, 1 teen female (approximately 15), and 1 teen male (approximately 17). Cold readings will be used for this audition.


The Anatomy of Gray was written by Jim Leonard, Jr., the award-winning author of The Diviners, And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson, and Crow and Weasel. Leonard describes his newest play as "A children's story for adults." When June's father dies, she prays for a healer to come to the small town of Gray so that no one will ever suffer again. The next thing she knows, there's a tornado, and a man in a balloon blows into town claiming to be a doctor. At first, the new doctor cures anything and everything, but soon the town's preacher takes ill with a mysterious plague and then the plague begins to spread. Anatomy of Gray deals with death, love, loss, and healing in a unique coming-of-age story.


For more information about this play or auditions, please contact the City of Prattville Cultural Arts Office at 334-595-0851 or visit .





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