FAQs - Recreational, Cultural, Educational Activities

Who manages the Youth Baseball, Youth Football, Youth Softball and the BMX Track?

Dixie Baseball and Prattville Girls Softball leagues are parent-run programs. The boards for these programs are comprised of a group of parents. Each board is responsible for the process of selecting teams, selecting all-stars, scheduling games and setting the dates for the season. The individual leagues receive the money from the registration fees collected in order to fund their leagues.

The YMCA, the Youth Bears, and the Youth Cats all manage football programs. The Youth Bears and Youth Cats are managed by parents. For answers to your questions about these programs, please call the YMCA or the president of either the Youth Bears or the Youth Cats. The City provides facilities for these groups to play as well as daily upkeep on the facilities.

The BMX track is owned and operated by the National Bicycle League. There is a board of directors who oversee the operation and the maintenance of the track. In order to utilize the track, you must join their association.