Amnesty Program Has Expired

July 28, 2011

The City of Prattville has been promoting the Amnesty Program for monies owed to Municipal Court for about two months. At 7 p.m. tonight (July 28th), the program officially ended.

Those individuals who owed money had to bring in 25% of the amount owed or $250, whichever was greater. At last count tonight, Municipal Court had taken in $7,536. This was not the resounding success the City had hoped for, however, PPD is now aggressively serving warrants to those individuals who did not come in to make arrangements and have long standing debts owed to the City of Prattville.

There are three type of warrants on the books: capias, writs, and alias. A capias is an outstanding warrant that has a balance due after that individual appeared in Municipal Court before a Judge or Magistrate and entered a guilty plea or was found guilty by the judge and failed to pay their fines and costs. Writs are basically the same as capias warrants. They are issued to order a defendant to pay. An alias is an outstanding warrant where an individual was arrested or given a citation and failed to appear on their scheduled or rescheduled court date.

Below are the lists of individuals with outstanding warrants. These persons are wanted by Prattville Police Department. PPD will be actively and aggressively searching for these individuals. If your name appears on these lists and you would like to resolve this issue, come turn yourself in and settle up with Municipal Court.

Wanted Persons - Capias (10MB)
Wanted Persons - Writs (17MB)
Wanted Persons - Alias  (36MB, depending on connection speeds, download could take a minute or two)

Municipal Court can be reached at (334) 361-3619, 361-3620, or 361-3621. PPD can be reached at (334) 361-3671. The Secret Witness Line is (334) 365-2220.