City Asks Citizens to Cast Votes for Splash Pad Feature


CONTACT: Teresa Lee, or (334) 361-3649

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

As the City moves forward on the Splash Pad project in Pratt Park, America's Favorite Park 2012, we are inviting public participation in choosing a feature to be included on it.

In looking at the artist's rendering, the jets that are noted, the flower and the feature that includes the buckets will be installed on our splash pad. The features shown below all use the same amount of water and therefore, are interchangeable.

Splash Pad Rendering

"We could not have won Coca-Cola's America's Favorite Park grant without the overwhelming participation of our citizens, surrounding communities, their families and our friends all over the nation," stated Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. "We want those Partners of Prattville to weigh-in on feature choices. It's just another way to ensure the success of this project."

"A poll has been placed on the City of Prattville's Facebook page and we ask that citizens cast their votes there," said Teresa Lee, Mayor's Executive Assistant. "I've pinned it to the top of our page and it will remain there until the evening of Monday, April 1st. We remain very excited about this project and find it fitting to use voting as the method of selection for this feature as voting was how we won the contest."

The City's Facebook page can be accessed at

The City of Prattville won $100,000 in the Coca-Cola challenge and was also awarded $42,000 to be used on recycled rubber surfacing. The Autauga County Fair Association presented the City a check for $10,000 last week to be used for the splash pad project. This last award will cover the cost of landscaping, fencing, benches and incidentals not able to be covered by the Coke grant.

The City of Prattville will hold a groundbreaking in the next couple of weeks. It will be held on a Saturday so that everyone will be able to attend. Depending on the weather, we anticipate opening the splash pad between July and August. We will keep everyone apprised as construction begins.