City to Hold Retirement Ceremony for K-9 Officer Louie


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January 30, 2013

louieAfter 13 years of faithful and dedicated service to the City of Prattville, K-9 Officer Louie will be honored with a retirement ceremony on the 5th of February.

K-9 Officer Louie joined the PPD team in 2000 thanks to money seized during drug arrests as profits from the sale of illegal narcotics. Ironically, these drug dealers unknowingly funded the purchase of a dog, which was then used to help find their drugs. Louie completed three weeks of obedience training before his handler (then Investigator) Lt. Wayne Barlow joined him for an additional four weeks of narcotics detection training.

During his tenure with the Prattville Police Department, K-9 Officer Louie has assisted with hundreds of drug seizures and arrests. During a few of his more memorable assists, Louie and his partner made arrests and seizures of multiple marijuana busts of over two pounds and a cocaine seizure of more than 20 pounds. Louie participated in several narcotics detection competitions where he earned distinction as "Top Dog", placing 1st in several of these contests. While he was an excellent narcotics detection dog, Louie's main focus was public relations and narcotics deterrence in the Prattville area schools. Louie has influenced countless young lives in a positive way.

"Louie gained near celebrity status with the children during his frequent visits to the schools. The kids love him and always want me to stop so they could pet him and love on him. I became known as Louie's Dad or the officer that has the dog," said his partner, Lt. Wayne Barlow. "K-9 Officer Louie has been working in the schools so long that some of the students that were in High School when he first started are married and have children of their own in the schools now."

"In dealing with Lt. Barlow and his partner over the years through operations and exercises, Louie has proven himself to be a significant part of the PPD team," said Chief Mark Thompson. "Louie has been a vital presence in our schools. He has been utilized as a community relations tool to create positive awareness with our children and young adults, which in turn, has made it easier for our officers to get to know Prattville children. Because of Louie's positive performance, we will continue to have a K-9 unit in the City of Prattville in the future."

The City of Prattville appreciates K-9 Officer Louie's dedicated service and stellar performance. Louie will be greatly missed.

Retirement Ceremony for K-9 Officer Louie
February 5th, 2013 at 6 p.m.
(To be held at the beginning of the City Council Meeting)
City Council Chambers
City Hall
The public is invited to attend this event.