Divisions Relocated to Public Works Yard

December 10, 2014

There's a lot of working going on at the Public Works Yard. Sanitation has been relocated to this facility. This puts them in close proximity to Vehicle Maintenance, which increases the efficiency of maintenance efforts. Work is being done on existing building to provide meeting space and bathrooms for our crews.

The Facilities Maintenance Division will soon be moving to the Public Works Yard as well.

More to come...

Garbage trucks parked under their respective sheds.

Facilities Division Superintendent Dale Gandy showing Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. their work to install additional restroom facilities into the building that was previously used for storage and a breakroom.

Sanitation Division Superintendent Walter Love and Facilities Division Superintendent Dale Gandy will have offices in this building in the near future. This was previously used for the Street Division of the Engineering Department.

Garbage trucks and street sweepers housed at the end of the duty day.

Surplus and overflow housed neatly in a fenced area.