Police Impersonator Caught & Charged


CONTACT:  Chief Mark Thompson, or (334) 595-0201

September 9, 2013


On July 27, 2013, residents of Prattville begin receiving calls from a subject identifying himself as a Prattville Police Officer. He would tell the citizen PPD had a warrant out for their arrest. The offenses referenced ranged from running a red light to missing jury duty. The suspect would tell the citizen that they needed to get a Green Dot Moneypak and call him back with the card number to clear the warrant. Officers' names were used that are with the Department and at least 9 Prattville citizens were contacted.

Upon receipt of these reports, Investigators T.R. Hope and Jake Frith started their investigation into this criminal activity. From their investigation, it was found that an inmate in a Georgia Prison, who is from Prattville, was the person behind this crime. The inmate's name is Jesse Barrett Mainor. He is currently serving time for Armed Robbery and Aggravated Assault. He had prior charges in Prattville for Burglary 3rd, Burglary 2nd, and Theft of Property 1st. There are also outstanding charges in Florida.

These two Investigators did an outstanding job on this investigation and we hope the citizens of Prattville are as proud of these Investigators as we are. These types cases are very difficult to solve and very few departments have the resources to investigate these cases to this extent. From this investigation, other cases will be made in different locations in Alabama, as well as other States.

At this time, Mainor is being charged with Impersonating a Peace Officer and 8 other charges will be referred to Grand Jury. If you received a call like this, please contact the Prattville Police Department at 595-0208 or the Secret Witness Line at 365-2220.