February 11, 2022

F O R  I M M E D I A T E  R E L E A S E 

Contact: Barbara W. Simpson 

Cultural Arts and Special Events 


Prattville’s Way Off Broadway Theatre is excited to announce the cast of its production of Proof by David Auburn, presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc. 

After auditions by some very talented local actors, Director Xandria Hataway announced the following cast. 

  • Catherine will be played by Alex Rikerd. 
  • Claire will be played by Kristen Vanderwal. 
  • Hal will be played by Jay Russell. 
  • Robert will be played by Jason Bush. 

Thank you to all who auditioned and congratulations to those who were cast! 

Proof is a Pulitzer Prize winning story of Catherine who inherited her late father’s mathematical genius, and likely his debilitating mental illness. Caught between a new-found connection with Hal, one of her father’s former students, and the reappearance of her sister, Claire, Catherine finds both her world and her mind growing increasingly unstable. Hal discovers a groundbreaking proof among the 103 notebooks Catherine’s father left behind and the mystery begins to unfold in this brilliant and touching play. 

The production will run March 31 through April 16. For more information about auditions visit www.prattvilleal.gov or contact the Special Events office at 334-595-0850.