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August 23, 2023 

Prattville Way Off Broadway Theatre to Hold Christmas Auditions 

Prattville’s Way Off Broadway Theatre is excited to announce its Christmas play, Christmas Eve Chaos, by Angela Blount, and Directed by Bre Gentry. The play will open December 7 and will run Thursdays through Saturdays through December 17. 

Auditions for this hilarious look at a hectic Christmas Eve will be held Saturday, September 23, from 2:00-4:00 p.m., and Sunday, September 24, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. 

There are 29 parts and actors of all ages and ethnicities are welcome to audition. There will be cold readings from the script, so there is no need to prepare monologues. 

For more information, contact the Cultural Arts office at 334-595-0850 or visit www.prattvilleal.gov. 


Prattville’s Way Off Broadway Theatre 

Audition Information — Christmas Eve Chaos 

Prattville’s Way Off Broadway Theatre and director Bre Gentry are proud to announce auditions for the upcoming performance of Christmas Eve Chaos, written by Angela Blount. 

Summary: Filled with Christmas excitement, Rhonda and her mother set out for some quick and easy last-minute errands on Christmas Eve. Or so they think. Over the course of the day, they're forced to confront disgruntled employees, a post office brawl, a sour Santa, a toy store stampede, and more. Will they ever make it home safely and with their Christmas spirit intact? Christmas Eve Chaos is a humorous look at a hectic holiday. 

NOTE: Rehearsals will begin week of October 16. Show opens on December 7 and runs Thursday through Sunday, December 7-17, with two shows on Saturdays. 

Audition Dates/Times 

Saturday, September 23, from 2-4:00pm Sunday, September 24, from 6-8:00pm 


WOBT Prattville 

WOBT Prattville 

COLD READINGS - no need to prepare monologues Actors Needed All ages and ethnicities. Parts will be cast for approximate ages (actors can play older or younger).

MOM: The 35-year-old mother of Rhonda. She has a sunny disposition.

DAD: The 37-year-old father of Rhonda. He is prone to panicking.

RHONDA: The 8-year-old daughter of Mom and Dad. She is very lively and bright.

EMPLOYEE #1: The typical worn-out bureaucratic employee.

EMPLOYEE #2: She is a 21-year-old who has just lost her boyfriend.

EMPLOYEE #3: He is an arrogant and proper salesman.

MAN #1: A customer who is trying to make a decision about a suit.

WOMAN #1: An animal rights activist.

ACTIVISTS: A disorderly group of animal rights activists.

GUARD: A person who breaks up the animal rights activists.

WOMAN #2: A very picky postal customer.

EMPLOYEE #4: A postal employee.

MAN #2: An impatient postal customer.

WOMAN #3: A postal customer.

WOMAN #4: A rude postal customer.

MAN #3: A postal customer.

EMPLOYEE #5: A pushy charity collector.

BOSS: A no-nonsense boss who has high expectations.

SANTA CLAUS: A man with low energy who does not like children.

BOY #1: A bossy little boy.

GIRL #1: An environmentally-conscious little girl.

GIRL #2: A little girl who is a feminist.

EMPLOYEE #6: An employee who lacks dedication.

EMPLOYEE #7: An employee who announces the blue light specials.

EMPLOYEE #8: An employee who lacks dedication.

JUSTIN: A spoiled classmate of Rhonda's.

JUSTIN'S MOM: A passive mother.

GIRL #3: A dizzy teen-aged girl.

GIRL #4: The dizzy friend of Girl #3.