Public Works' Divisions Resolve Leak Issue as a Team

May 9, 2015

Parks and Recreation staff first noticed a water leak in the parking lot on the side of the Pratt Pool buildings. They notified Public Works. At present, the Wastewater Street crew is reporting to Facilties Maintenance Superintendent Dale Gandy. This made coordination of the repairs even more efficient as the teams could be pulled together with minimal effort.

WaterLineIssue04242015 1
First indications of a water leak.

WaterLineIssue04242015 2
Water in the water valve/meter box.

WaterLineIssue04242015 3
They had to cut the asphalt to get to the issue.

WaterLineIssue04242015 4
Cutting the asphalt.

WaterLineIssue04242015 5
Using the backhoe to dig it out.

WaterLineIssue04242015 6
Opening it up reveled a larger issue than was apparent above ground. Wastewater used the VacCon truck to vacuum out the water.

WaterLineIssue04242015 7
After removing the water, a broken joint was revealed. Also, the PVC and copper were installed at a weird angle.

WaterLineIssue04242015 8
Repairing the pipes.

WaterLineIssue04242015 9
Pipe repair completed.

WaterLineIssue04242015 10
Crews set about stabilizing the pipes. The cinderblocks raise the box to the appropriate level. The plywood was put in place for the concrete pour to make the kicker box.

WaterLineIssue04242015 11
Concrete pour.

Meter box at ground level
Meter box at ground level.

Meter box at ground level
Meter box at ground level.

WaterLineIssue04242015 14
Hole topped with gravel.

Hole filled with gravel.
This has been left to "settle" for a couple weeks and the Street Division of Engineering will be in the next week or so to apply an asphalt patch.

Thank you to Parks & Recreation for alerting Public Works. Thank you to Wastewater and Facilities Maintenance for working diligently as a team to get this corrected. Repairing this leak will save the City tremendously on our water bill, much like last year's pool repairs did. Thank you in advance to the Street Division for their talents in apply asphalt.

Teamwork. No excuses, just results!