Sanitation Takes Delivery of New Fleet

April 27, 2016

Sanitation has taken delivery of a new fleet of trucks. The two new knuckle boom (trash) trucks were delivered in mid-February. We have had one of these in our fleet for approximately 1.5 years and it has done well on our routes. We have two other boom trucks, each 2010 models, and 1 truck in reserve should any of them need to go in for maintenance.

We took delivery of five new garbage trucks last week. We also took delivery of a side arm loader (garbage truck) in mid-April. This allows us six garbage trucks on daily routes and we have two in reserve. Sanitation opted to keep the 2006 large dual axle garbage truck in reserve, along with a 2010 model garbage truck, which had the least wear and tear on it. Again, these reserve trucks are used when one of the trucks under warranty is in for maintenance.

newboomtrucks032016 1
Two new boom trucks for picking up and hauling yard debris and trash.

newgarbagetruck04252016 3
Sanitation took delivery of five of these new garbage trucks. They are rear loaders, but also have a tipper for garbage cans.

We also took delivery on this truck with the side arm loader to handle garbage can routes.

We took delivery of the ParKan truck in October 2015. As noted on the video clip below, this truck is used primarily on narrow streets and behind garden homes to collect garbage. It also has the ability to dump garbage cans.

This is the ParKan truck, whose targeted use is in narrow areas (streets and behind garden homes) and it can also dump garbage cans.

The purchase price for this fleet of equipment is $1.3 million, financed over the course of 5 years. These loan payments will be paid from the Sanitation Enterprise Fund Account, which is funded by the fees collected for services provided to our citizenry. Sanitation has not taken out a loan on any equipment since 2007 and those loans have were satisfied in 2013 and 2014.

This has truly been a wise investment. We have been incurring average annual maintenance costs on old equipment of nearly $116,000. These trucks are under a 5-year warranty and other than maintenance for normal wear and tear, everything should fall under those respective warranties.