Stadium Electrical Fix Lowers Utility Costs

May 11, 2015

Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. tasked Facilities Maintenance with finding a solution to an electrical issue at Stanley-Jensen Stadium. It seems that every time power was needed on the home side of the stadium, all the stadium lights had to be turned on. This stadium lighting costs the City approximately $75 an hour.

"As we continue to streamline and insist on efficiency, I knew there had to be a way to eliminate this unnecessary expense," stated Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr.

"I do love a challenge," said Dale Gandy, Facilities Maintenance Superintendent. "There weren't any schematics on the wiring so we had to use a cable locator to trace the wiring."

The Facilities Maintenance crew traced the wiring from the outlets out to the transformer. While inspecting everything, they noticed a functioning breaker box. They were able to relocate the wiring from the transformer into the breaker panel. This job took Frank Wright and Austin Barker a total of 2 hours and $120 in materials to complete.

Stadium Electrical 2

StadiumElectrical 1
Breaker box.

We can now use the electrical outlets without turning on the stadium lighting. This job paid for itself within the first 2 hours of outlet usage.

We congratulate this Public Works Division, Facilities Maintenance, on a job well done!