Recent Improvements Give Stadium Fresh Look

October 7, 2014

In the weeks leading up to the PHS Lions first home game, staff from Parks and Recreation, Engineering, Urban Management, and Facilities Maintenance were hard at work freshening up and enhancing Stanley-Jensen Stadium, affectionately known as "The Jungle" by Lions' fans.

Landscaping was added and a new fence was installed.

Bathrooms were painted. The mirrors were redone and framed. New soap dispensers were installed. The floors were stained. New sink fixtures and new door handles were installed.

All the floors were painted in the field house. They took out the wall on the home side to enlargen the room and then they extended the drop ceiling to match the existing locker room. Fresh paint was applied to the walls. Crews repaired the air conditioning unit, replaced the electrical panel, replaced wood where needed and replaced the fan.

Crews replaced the floors, installed a new air conditioning unit, painted the walls and installed a new metal roof on the ticket room/office building.

New fencing and a new crush 'n run walkway from Doster Road to the Ticket Office.

New concrete sidewalks, landscaping and fresh paint.


Installation of new "Power P's" on either end of the visitor side seating.

City of Prattville seals (logos) added to all buildings.

Not shown is the crush 'n run that was installed at the parking lot end of the stadium, which replaced large gravel. The crush 'n run is much easier to walk on and much more pleasant aesthetically.

Most citizens have no idea how many events, organizations and games are held in Stanley-Jensen Stadium. Just to name the most obvious, PHS Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshmen, YMCA, Youth Bears and Youth Lions all play football in our stadium. PHS Soccer also utilizes Stanley-Jensen. The stadium is used for Spirit Day, the 4th of July festivities, various school activities and the Band Festival, just to name a few.

There is a tremendous amount of effort that went into readying the stadium for the football season and all the organizations noted above will benefit from this work. There are more plans on the horizon for this facility and all our other parks and facilities. We will keep you updated as the work continues!