Upgrades to existing sewer crossing at Fay Branch


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The Public Works Department upgrades the sewer crossing at Fay Branch after discovering structural issues during a routine maintenance check. The effects of time and weather gradually deteriorated the wood pylons of the structure, causing a potentially unstable sewer line. The Wastewater Division alongside the Engineering Department, and Robert Browder, of Public Works, came together with a turnkey solution to access, survey, and construct the replacement of an existing aerial sewer crossing.

Due to the challenging terrain and the scope of work for this project, the crews had to construct two access roads to reach the area. Once the roads were complete, work began on pouring a concrete footing on each side, making a solid foundation for the structure. An 80-foot steel encasement, welded by Robert Browder, was also added to support the new sewer main and prevent any direct damage to the pipe. These new improvements provide a more sustainable solution for the sewer system located in the area.